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What is bitcoin and how to buy cryptocurrency - a complete guide for beginners

Cryptocurrency is entering our life more and more. It would seem that quite recently we could not imagine that in the shop we could pay not with banknotes and coins, but with bank cards. What is happening now? Virtual money replaces the material, for goods and services you can pay with a mobile phone. And even Bitcoin, a strange and incomprehensible word, suddenly acquired its meaning and became one of the sought-after currencies.
1. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and what is Bitcoin
2. What is a bitcoin wallet
3. Hoe to earn bitcoin
4. Why do you need a bitcoin exchanger

1. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and what is Bitcoin

1.1. What is bitcoin
1.2. What is Satoshi
1.3. How much satoshi in bitcoin
Around the name Satoshi Nakamoto goes a lot of rumors. Some argue that this is a Japanese, quiet, polite man who invented Bitcoin and retired. Others are firmly convinced that this is a group of computer geniuses who, by common efforts, have come up with the concept of “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin” and “blockchain”. Be that as it may, neither the representatives of the scientific world, nor the omnipresent journalists have succeeded not only in communicating with Satoshi, but even in seeing him. It is only known that in 2008 this person came up with bitcoin, and in 2010 he left his invention and did not develop it.
True, according to one of the researchers, it can be assumed that it was not Satoshi Nakamoto who invented electronic coin, whoever he was, and the American scientist Nick Sabo, in 2005, was called the system Bit Gold. Nakamoto saw prospects in the development of this technology, improved it and created Bitcoin. It’s almost impossible to prove if this is true, since the dates of writing articles by Nick Sabo have changed since 2005 to 2008, and it’s hard to prove who was a pioneer in this field. Be that as it may, the official author of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is still considered a Japanese scientist or a group of persons acting under this pseudonym.

1.1. What is bitcoin

 What is bitcoin, in details in the cryptocurrency exchanger satoshi.com.uaBitcoin in English means “electronic coin”. And this is true, because no one can hold Bitcoin in their hands, neither the creators of this technology, nor those who are now producing them, so-called miners. Despite this short and beautiful name, in fact, Bitcoin is a long chain of computer codes that are created once and for all. It is impossible to change the chain, each transaction is recorded in a specific registry and stored unchanged. All this is possible thanks to a unique technology – blockchain. When conducting transactions, a certain digital recording is created that closes the next block of the chain and allows you to create a new block. This technology is fundamentally different from the known bank wire transfers, and Bitcoin cryptocurrency has, among other things, a number of additional advantages:

  • complete anonymity – when transferring Bitcon between the parties to the transaction, no personal data is indicated, the translation is carried out between two email addresses;
  • the inability to cancel or stop the operation is practically impossible. Experts admit the possibility of a complete stop of the blockchain system, but it is unknown how much is possible.;
  • the system is completely decentralized – it is not subject to a single financial institution, banking rules and systems, and does not depend on the rate of our usual currencies (dollar, euro, ruble or hryvnia);
  • security – it is impossible to hack someone else’s Bitcoin wallet, because this is a separate file with a set of numbers that is known only to the wallet owner.

Thus, bitcoin cryptocurrency quickly became one of the most popular digital coins in the world for a reason. And, most likely, this is not the limit, because inquiring minds of computer geniuses are constantly looking for ways to improve the blockchain system and use bitcoins. Due to this, a growing number of electronic coins, the so-called “altcoins”, appear. The cryptocurrency exchanger will offer its client the bitcoin exchange not only for a dollar or a hryvnia, but also for one of the alternative cryptocurrencies.

1.2. What is Satoshi

It is impossible to imagine ordinary money that is not divided into small parts. The dollar has cents, rubles have pennies and so on. Cryptocurrency also can not be a single indivisible bitcoin unit.
Satoshi is that small part of Bitcoin, which serves as kopecks, cents, and other trivia. It was named in honor of the creator of cryptocurrency Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the Japanese scientist Satoshi Nakamoto.

1.3. How much satoshi in bitcoin

We are accustomed to the system of dividing large money into small, healed in hundreds. In the hryvnia, one hundred kopecks, and we are accustomed to count. Many of us think that the answer to the question: “how many satoshi in bitcoin” will be the same – a hundred. But Satoshi Nakamoto, according to some calculations, decided that one bitcoin would contain one hundred million Satoshi.

When a new cryptocurrency only appeared in the World Wide Web, the price of one Bitcoin was low, it was possible to purchase a couple of dozen electronic coins without special costs. However, now, when the price of Bitcoin in different periods reached tens of thousands of dollars, it is very convenient to purchase Satoshi. Of course, to accumulate one Bitcoin, buying in parts one hundred million Satoshi is very difficult, almost impossible. But Satoshi has a certain value, they can also be exchanged, pay for goods and services, conduct transactions, and accumulate.
Of course, it is not necessary to memorize all values ​​for memory. The Internet contains a lot of tools to find out how much Satoshi is in Bitcoin. There are so-called Satoshi converters. Satoshi is a calculator in which you can easily and quickly calculate both the number of satoshi and transfer the amount to bitcoins or another cryptocurrency.
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2. What is a bitcoin wallet

2.1. Where to store bitcoin
2.2. How to create the bitcoin wallet
2.3. How to replenish bitcoin wallet
Not a cryptocurrency, but electronic money, such as WebMoney or Qiwi, have long entered our lives. Therefore, the concept of an electronic wallet is not some kind of exotic. But then bitcoin appeared and the question “where to store bitcoins” appeared? Need a special bitcoin wallet or any other? Of course, for cryptocurrency you need to register a separate wallet, which will contain the data of your special address. As we remember, Bitcoin is a computer code, and a wallet for storing it is a separate file with a long row of numbers.
how to create the bitcoin wallet, exchanger satoshi

2.1. Where to store bitcoin

Of course, get a bitcoin wallet. The main thing is to make the right choice. Modern technologies offer various options for storing Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency, everyone chooses for himself. For example, you do not trust computers so much, you are afraid that someone will be able to get to your information, and you do not want to store the address of the wallet in electronic form. Please can write the code on paper and store it in a safe. And if you are an adherent of modern gadgets, do not let go of a smartphone or a tablet – a mobile Bitcoin wallet is at your service. Let’s look at what types of bitcoin wallets exist to make it easier to make a choice:

  • paper bitcoin wallet;
  • mobile phone;
  • for stationary computer;
  • online wallet;
  • hardware bitcoin wallet.

It does not matter in which OSes you are working, today Bitcoin wallet applications are available in any of them.
Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of Bitcoin wallets:

  1. Mobile phone. We rarely let go of our smartphones, constantly check social networks and other applications, so it’s worth to consider the constant accessibility to a bitcoin wallet. Mobile applications are understandable even to not the most experienced users, you can make a transaction at any time of the day. The disadvantages include: a permanent connection to the network, which is fraught with hacking attempt. And if the phone is not on a password or its PIN is simple, then in case of loss of the gadget, you risk losing the bitcoin wallet.
  2. For stationary computer. Dignity, of course, is security, because your bitcoins are “tied” to your PC. A stranger cannot crack a password. But there are drawbacks: you cannot complete transactions outside the home; if you have not taken care of the secrecy of the code, it can be hacked.
  3. Hardware. This bitcoin wallet has the form of a flash drive on which the code is written. Thus, your password is not on the network, hacking attempts are useless. Security is high, BUT! Do not forget that this technique breaks quite easily, and also the flash drive is very easy to lose. Yes, and steal it too easy enough.
  4. Online. Such a wallet can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. The application is easy to use. However, we should not forget that some people tie their Bitcoin wallet to a phone number, and in case of loss of a mobile phone, your private data will be available to unauthorized persons, because they are stored in the network.

2.2. How to create bitcoin wallet

If you carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies is easy and simple, then creating a place to store bitcoin is also very easy. To do this, just go to the site Bitcoin.org and choose the appropriate option.
Many people choose the hardware type of data storage on a bitcoin wallet, it is also called “cold”. It is convenient to constantly carry such flash drives with you, only you can see the wallet address, and you can access a Bitcoin wallet in Ukraine or any other country from any computer device.
It is very easy to start a bitcoin wallet on a stationary computer, anyone who has registered at any resource at least once can do it. But, unlike many of the registration procedures on the site, Bitcoin.org does not require personal data. You simply install the application on your computer, run a program, for example Electrum, choose a name for yourself, and nothing depends on you anymore. The program will generate your personal code, this will be your bitcoin wallet. Keep it out of the reach of unauthorized persons. To confirm the receipt of a place for your bitcoins, enter the proposed seed.
Many people choose a Blockchain wallet as an online Bitcoin wallet. It is very convenient to use it, just go to the information page. All private passwords are securely stored on the company’s servers. There is a Russian-language version, both for stationary PCs, and for mobile applications.

2.3. Hoe to withdraw bitcoin wallet

Privat24, Exmo Exchange and many electronic payment systems provide replenishment services, but we recommend replenishing your Bitcoin wallet in Ukraine with the help of our cryptocurrency exchanger. The procedure does not take much time, and having replenished your “reserves”, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another, or choose a fiat one.
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3.Hor to earn bitcoin

3.1. Where to earn bitcoins
3.2. Hot to earn satoshi
3.3. Bitcoin faucet
3.4. Satoshi faucets
3.5. Free bitcoins
3.6. How to earn Bitcoin in Ukraine

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more people are thinking about the fact that Bitcoin is the currency of the future, which means you need to find a way, if you do not buy these electronic coins, then somehow earn. How can you earn Bitcoin?
First, give yourself an answer to a few questions:

  • is your computer powerful enough
  • how much time you can spend to earn bitcoin;
  • how much of your own money are you willing to spend on earning bitcoin;
  • for what purpose do you need bitcoins.

3.1. Where to earn bitcoins

Where to earn bitcoin, step-by-step instruction, satoshi.com.uaIf your technique does not allow you to “create” Bitcoin yourself, and today this process requires special conditions and a lot of time, you can turn to the miners, which are combined into pools (farms) for creating cryptocurrency, but you need to invest your own money. Contracts are sometimes for more than a month, so quick enrichment with the help of mining in bitcoins should not be expected.
Also on the Internet you can find sites on which you need to enter captcha, perform simple mathematical operations or answer questions, and as a reward, get bitcoins.
But if you are serious, you should think about trading on the stock exchange. Playing on the stock exchange has always been an attractive activity for many people, but now you can trade on the cryptocurrency exchange.

3.2. Hot to earn satoshi

The answer is simple – just like bitcoins. That is, find on the Internet resources that offer electronic coins, and act on a simple scheme. To earn Satoshi, we need to register on the relevant sites. Next, you definitely need to open your own Bitcoin wallet. Like many online resources, Satoshi and Bitcoin payout sites may not be very reliable. Trusting them to keep your coins is not worth it, it is better to withdraw Satoshi immediately, even the bare minimum. Each site will offer you different conditions for how to earn Satoshi, it remains to choose the most convenient way for you. So, earning Satoshi in Ukraine is as easy as in other countries of the world.

3.3. Bitcoin faucet

Sites where you can earn bitcoins to earn money are called bitcoin cranes. There is nothing difficult in this work, only assiduity, attentiveness and a lot of your time are needed. But, recently, you can turn on the automatic mode, so that you can earn Bitcoin without spending all day in front of the monitor screen.
Bitcoin taps differ in ways of paying out electronic coins:

  • discrete faucets – coins are awarded for a certain period of time;
  • cumulative faucets – your “earnings” is constantly increasing, even if you turned off the computer. Then the payout amount is automatically fixed, Satoshi is transferred to your account, and you start from scratch.
  • telegram bots – our cryptocurrency exchanger offers you to earn satoshi without leaving your favorite messenger.

Which site suits you best – decide for yourself, however, do not forget that if you managed to earn electronic coins, do not forget to transfer them to your Bitcoin wallet immediately.
to earn bitcoin , bitcoin faucet satoshi.com.ua

3.4. Satoshi faucets

Knowing that one Bitcoin contains one hundred million Satoshi, it is clear that earning Bitcoin quickly will not work. Therefore, bitcoin taps, in essence, are satoshi taps. So, by performing the actions suggested by the site – viewing ads, entering captcha, and so on, you can earn Satoshi.
There are so-called automatic satoshi cranes on which you are charged electronic coins constantly, some of which need to go through the registration procedure. Satoshi can be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet at least every five minutes, at least once a month. However, nothing lasts forever, with time Satoshi’s accrual can slow down and even stop. We’ll have to look for the following cryptocurrency taps.

3.5. Free bitcoins

Among the huge number of sites on which you can earn Satoshi or bitcoins, there are those on which you can get cryptocurrency for free.
Many of us are annoyed by the huge amount of advertising that interrupts an interesting show or movie. But, if you want to get Satoshi for free, you will have to accept the fact that there will be too many advertisements on the resource. If you do not want to be constantly distracted by it, connect to a similar site from a separate browser in order not to disable the applications you need on your favorite search engine.

3.6.How to earn bitcoin in Ukraine

Since Bitcoin is an electronic coin and exists only in the World Wide Web, earning Bitcoin in Ukraine is as easy as in any other country in the world.

  1. You can become a miner, if your equipment allows, or contact the professionals who earn Bitcoin for you.
  2. You can go to Bitcoin or Satoshi faucets, perform simple actions and get the opportunity to earn Bitcoin.
  3. You can combine business with pleasure – play an exciting game and get Satoshi as a reward..
  4. And if you are a serious person and the games do not interest you – you have a direct route to the cryptocurrency exchange.

The number of Russian-language versions of sites offering to earn Bitcoin is a huge amount. Earn Satoshi or Bitcoin in Ukraine, at the moment, is not so difficult, because our officials have not yet adopted the law regulating cryptocurrency issues. It’s time to dare and accumulate.
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4. For what purpose do you need bitcoins

Our online Bitcoin exchanger is designed to make it easy and simple for Internet users who take seriously new electronic coins to exchange cryptocurrencies.
Even if you want to exchange at least a few Satoshi, or buy Bitcoin for 200 UAH or 500 rub, our Cryptocurrency exchanger is always at your service. Small exchange is made as quickly and simply as the exchange of rather large amounts.
Why among many others, you need to choose our bitcoin exchanger? We are distinguished by a number of advantages:

  • the ability to exchange various cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Privat24, and many others;
  • it is very easy to exchange cryptocurrency, but if you have any questions or technical difficulties, you can always contact a consultant who will answer all your questions in detail;
  • updаte of the exchange rate of cryptocurrency our bitcoin exchanger produces every minute, which will give you the opportunity to play on the fluctuations of the rate of cryptocurrency;
  • our Bitcoin exchanger is equipped with all the necessary options for fast and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies, the software is the most modern and meets all the necessary requirements.

If you are looking for focused resources, for example, the Qiwi exchanger for Bitcoin, or the Bitcoin exchanger for Privat24, do not waste your time. Using our Bitcoin exchanger you can easily make any of these exchanges, and not only.
If you are a lover of the lottery, our telegram bot offers free tickets, the gain on which can be made not only from one Satoshi, but even a whole Bitcoin.
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