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💵 Exchange Basic Attention Token BAT - Privat24 UAH card

To exchange BAT tokens to Privat24, any user can use a cryptocurrency exchanger. If you are a Brave browser user and have already received BAT tokens as a reward using the exchange service, you have the opportunity not only to donate them to other sites free of charge, but you can also receive cash in exchange for the transfer of the bahn token. In the instructions below you will learn what needs to be done in order to get a hryvnia in exchange for a token on a Privat24 card.

  1. Sеlect currency to exchange token bat – Privat24
  2. Calculate the amount of Privat24 to receive after exchanging BAT
  3. Fill in the data to replenish the card Privat24
  4. Transfer token bat and pay for exchange
  5. Complete Privat24 exchange with basic attention token
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Photo/FAQ how to exchange Basic Attention Token for Privat24 hryvnia

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the requisites and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay for order
 exchange BAT to Privat24
amount of exchange token bat UAH
BAT token exchange data
 Basic attention token payment
 BAT token exchange instruction

1. sеlect currency to exchange token bat – Privat24

To start the exchange operation, the user must sеlect the currencies on the start page of the cryptocurrency exchanger. At the stage of currency selection, you can familiarize yourself with the current exchange rate and the available reserve for exchanges.

2. Calculate the amount of Privat24 to receive after exchanging BAT

In the corresponding currency box for the exchange, specify the amount of the BAT token that you will transfer in the Brave browser. After that, the online calculator of the exchanger will calculate the amount of hryvnia that will go to your card upon completion of the exchange. When planning an exchange, you must adhere to the limits in the areas of interest to you.

3. Fill in the data to replenish the card privat24

In order for a user to create a request for an exchange, he needs to enter payment and contact information in the required fields. Specifying the card number to replenish the hryvnia, check the correctness of the data. Make sure that you do not make mistakes that could lead to loss of funds or to incorrect processing of the exchange. If the data of the cardholder and the user data in the application will coincide, this will allow you to process your exchange faster. When the required fields are filled, you can create an application.

4. Transfer bat token and pay for exchange

Next, you need to find out on which site to transfer the BAT token rewards. For thiscontact the operator via online chat. When the operator specifies a resource for donating tokens, make a transfer through the Brave browser. The next step is to note the application paid. After sending the token, it is recommended not to close the browser for 5 minutes until the transfer is completed. It is necessary to carry out these actions within 20 minutes. Exchange funds will be reserved for you at this time. Further send a screenshot of the full screen with the time and date of your transfer from the payment history to the mail address [email protected]. If you have any questions about the transfer of the token, you can also read the full instructions for making the exchange, or view the video.

5. Complete Privat24 exchange with basic attention token

To complete the exchange of BAT token to Privat24, after making the payment, wait for the operator to process the request. After that, he will pay the funds. Then you will receive a notification in the mail that the exchange is completed. And also the status of the application will change its status on the exchange page. At the end of the exchange, you can leave feedback about the work of the exchange resource and the team.

In the articles below you can find useful information on the Brave browser. You can also find out how to get a BAT token for free to your wallet.

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Confirmation of token BAT transfer

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