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💵 Exchange Bitcoin BTC card Privat24 UAH

Exchange Bitcoin to Privat24 has become easier with the advent of online cryptocurrency exchangers. The online service offers a profitable course and quick deals. This method is beneficial primarily to the fact that the user can save on the overpayment of commissions of different exchanges. In the instructions below, you will learn how to easily withdraw Bitcoin to private.
The whole exchange process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Create an exchange to exchange Bitcoin for privat24
  2. Calculate Bitcoin exchange rate
  3. Filling in personal information on Bitcoin exchange
  4. Pay bitcoin exchange for private24
  5. Get a transfer to a private card
  6. How to get Bitcoin using the loyalty program

Photo / FAQ How to exchange Bitcoin for Privat24

1. CHoose exchange direction2. Specify the details and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay for the order
choose currencies and buy bitcoins
data on exchanging bitcoin for private24
Fill in bitcoin 24 data
Create a request to exchange Bitcoin
Payment application Bitcoin Privat

1. Create an exchange to exchange Bitcoin for privat24

So that the user can exchange Bitcoin for private24, first of all, on the website of the exchange office, create an exchange request. To do this, it is enough to indicate the currencies of interest. Also on this page you will see the reserve amount for this exchange.

2. Calculate Bitcoin exchange rate

After you have chosen the currencies, you will find yourself on the next page for creating an application. On it, specify the amount of bitcoin for withdrawal from the electronic wallet and exchange for the hryvnia for the Privat Bank card. If you previously used a Bitcoin tap, you can use the accumulated bonuses. Satoshi coins can supplement the main amount of the exchange. Thus, the amount of receipt will be more. Making this exchange, make sure that you are registered and authorized in the exchanger. This will allow a quick identification when withdrawing funds from the @Free_Satosh1_bot telegrams. The amount in hryvnia, which you will receive, will be calculated automatically depending on the bitcoin rate at the moment.

3. Filling in personal information on Bitcoin exchange

Write your billing details. Enter the address of the BTC walletfrom which you are going to withdraw funds. Next, specify the number of the payment card for which you plan to receive the hryvnia. And enter personal information. This will allow the operator to process your request quickly and without delay. It is important that the data of the cardholder coincide with the data specified in the application. If the contact information is different, it will lead to difficulties with personal identification.

4. Pay bitcoin exchange for private24

The next step in the exchange should bepaymentof your application with a bitcoin wallet. If you need help, you can use the tips in the direction of the exchange on the site. Next you need to wait for confirmation of your transaction network. After payment occurs, the operator will process the exchange.

5. Get a transfer to a private card

The last stage of the exchange is the receipt of funds on the Privat24 payment card. When the operator exchange processing is completed, you will see that the application changes its status to “Completed”. This will indicate that the funds have been paid to your bank card.
As you can see, using the exchange office is the easiest way to make an exchange. This allows you to quickly get the hryvnia in exchange for cryptocurrency.
You can also use the reverse exchange direction and buy bitcoin for the hryvnia from the Privat Bank card.


6. How to get Bitcoin using the loyalty program

There is also a suggestion for those who want to make money on exchanges without any special effort. For such users, a loyalty program has been developed. By joining it, you can improve the rate to 10% and enjoy the privileges when creating applications.

Вступив в affiliate program You can participate in win-win lotteries, collect bonuses and improve exchange conditions using the bitcoin faucet @Free_Satosh1_bot.satoshi.com.ua

How to download Brave browser on Android

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