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💵 Exchange Bitcoin BTC - Sberbank card RUB

When the user is the owner of a Bitcoin wallet, it often becomes necessary to withdraw a coin and exchange it for fiat funds. In order to perform this action in a short time, do not overpay the commissions of the exchanges and the bank and convert the bitcoins to rubles, you can use the cryptocurrency exchanger. Consider in the instructions below how to implement the exchange of crypt-coin to the card of Sberbank:

  1. sеlect currencies for a Bitcoin to RUB exchange request.
  2. Calculate the rate of bitcoins in rubles and the amount of exchange
  3. Fill in the bitcoin ruble exchange data
  4. To carry out the withdrawal of bitcoins to pay for the exchange
  5. Complete Bitcoin-to-Ruble exchange
  6. Заработок бонусов с помощью партнерской программы

Photo / FAQ How to exchange Bitcoin for Sberbank RUB

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the details and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay for the order
btc-sberbank rub
data on exchanging bitcoin for sberbank
Fill in bitcoin ruble data
exchange request to BTC
Payment order Bitcoin Sberbank RUB

1. sеlect currencies for a Bitcoin to RUB exchange request.

In order to start exchanging bitcoin for a ruble of a Sberbank card for cryptocurrency, the network user will need to sеlect currencies on the exchange resource. At this stage, information on the exchange rate between currencies and the reserve available for exchange will be available.

2. Calculate the rate of bitcoins in rubles and the amount of exchange

After selecting currencies, the user will need to calculate the exchange rate and amount. To do this, it will be enough to specify the amount of bitcoin that you will withdraw from the wallet. Then, using the Bitcoin ruble calculator, the exchange amount that will be paid to the card will be calculated. If you are a user of the bitcoin tap @Free_Satosh1_bot, then you can supplement the basic amount of the exchange of accumulated winnings and improve the rate of the exchange transaction. Also note that the exchange rate will change every minute until the creation of the application.

3. Fill in the bitcoin ruble exchange data

When the amount of exchange is calculated, you can proceed to fill in the remaining mandatory data on the exchange. Provide your contact information for contact if necessary, and payment details. It is important that the personal information in the application matches the data of the data holder. Thus, the operator will not suspect that an error was made when filling in the information.

4. To carry out the withdrawal of bitcoins to pay for the exchange

When the data is completed and the application is created, you need to go to pay for it. To do this, simply withdraw the coin from your wallet to the purse of the exchange office. If you have not performed such transfers before, you can use the prompts on the exchange page. Transfer the exact amount of the exchange and mark the order as paid. When your transfer is confirmed by the network, the application will proceed to the processing of the operator.

5. Complete Bitcoin-to-Ruble exchange

The operator during the processing of the exchange will verify your data and the availability of payment application. Next will be made the payment to the bank card. When the payment is made, you will receive a notification by mail and also on the page of the exchange the application will change its status. After receiving the payment on the card, you can use your funds. You can also always use the reverse exchange direction Sberbank – Bitcoin and buy a coin for the ruble at a favorable rate.

6. Earn bonuses with an affiliate program

In order to receive bonuses, playing daily win-win lotteries and make exchanges on improved conditions with a top rate, you can join to our affiliate program and use the bitcoin faucet @Free_Satosh1_bot.

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