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💵 Купить Litecoin LTC - за гривны Приват24 UAH

If you decide to exchange Litecoin for Privat24 and want to choose the best Lightcoin course, the best solution would be to use the services of Litecoin exchanger. You can become the owner of the coin not only at a bargain price, but also save on exchange commissions. The exchange does not take much time, for this you need to take a few steps, which we describe below. If you want to exchange the hryvnia from a Privat24 payment card, then all you need to do is:

  1. sеlect currencies Privat24 UAH- LTC
  2. Calculate the amount of exchange using the rate of LTC to UAH
  3. Fill in the necessary information to buy LTC priv24
  4. Pay application with Privat card, focusing on the rate Litecoin
  5. Wait for LTC wallet
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Photo / FAQ How to buy litecoin for Privat24

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the requisites and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay the application
litecoin exchanger online
litecoin price for hryvnia
litecoin exchange rate to hryvnia in the exchanger
exchange application for litecoin exchanger
litecoin top up for wallet ltc

1.Choose currencies Privat24 – Litecoin

In order to start making a request for an exchange to receive crypto coins, indicate on the website of the currency exchanger that you intend to use in the operation. After that you will be taken to the stage of filling in information on the exchange.

2. Calculate the amount of exchange using the rate of Litecoin to UAH

At this stage, specify the amount in the hryvnia, which you want to exchange for cryptocurrency. When you enter this information, the online lightcoin calculator will calculate the amount of coins to pay out to the wallet. When filling out this information, pay attention to the established limits.

3. Fill out the necessary information to buy Litecoin Privat24

In this case, the information required for the exchange is the bank card number and the payer data. This data must match the information in the application so that the operator can quickly identify your payment. Also, do not forget to correctly specify the e-wallet number where you expect funds to flow. After data verification you can create an application for exchanging Litecoin for Privat24.
All data should be carefully checked so that possible errors do not lead to an increase in exchange processing time.

4.Pay for the application with PrivatBank card, focusing on the Litecoin rate
Your last action will be the payment of an application for an exchange from the PrivatBank card, which was indicated in the client information. All the necessary details you can find on the exchange page. You can also use the tips on the site if you have any difficulties with payment.

5. Expect Litecoin Wallet Admission

The final stage will be the payment of a coin to your wallet. When the operator sees your application payment, he will proceed to the transfer of coins to your wallet. After the payment is made, the order will be considered completed. You can share your impressions of work with our cryptocurrency exchanger in the corresponding section of the site. Also, if necessary, you can use the opposite direction of the exchange and get hryvnia for Lightkain coin on Privat24 card.

Useful information on currencies


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In it you can participate in daily win-win lotteries, collect bitcoin and supplement them with the basic amount of the exchange.

How to buy Litecoin for hryvnia Privat 24

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