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min.: 100 UAH, max.: 14000 UAH

min.: 100 UAH
Including payment system fees Privat24 (1 UAH) , you send

Enter your bank card number


min.: 200 RUB, max.: 0 RUB

max.: 0 RUB
Including payment system fees Yandex.Money (0.0117 RUB) , you receive

Enter your Yandex wallet number

Personal data

Enter your surname as in passport

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your e-mail

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💵 Currency exchange Privat24 UAH - Yandex.Money purse RUB

When the user needs to make a currency exchange from hryvnia to rubles, it is not necessary to use the services of international transfers. You can exchange Privat to Yandex in the online exchanger. This will make it possible to make the exchange much faster and not overpay bank fees. If you have not previously used the services of currency exchangers, you can familiarize yourself with step by step instructions.

  1. sеlect currencies to replenish Yandex money through Privat 24
  2. Output calculation of the amount and exchange rate Privat 24 Yandex money
  3. Enter payment data in the directions of Privat Yandex money
  4. Make a payment in UAH through privat24
  5. Complete exchange Privat bank Yandex money
  6. How to get Bitcoin for free through the affiliate program

Photo / FAQ how to replenish Yandex Money through Privat24

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the requisites and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay the application
create an exchange privat Yandex
replenish Yandex money through privat24
create exchange private24 yandex money
replenish Yandex money for privat24
Yandex exchanger money for privat24

1. Choose currencies to replenish Yandex money through Privat 24

In order to make an exchange between the hryvnia Privat24 and the ruble from the Yandex.Money payment system, the user only has to arrange the exchange on the online exchanger site. Specify the currencies you are interested in and pay attention to the reserves in the direction of exchange. Also at this stage you can get acquainted with the exchange rate.

2.Output calculation of the amount and exchange rate Privat 24 Yandex money

To continue to make an exchange on the site, the user must specify the amount in hryvnia, which he will exchange. After that, the calculator of the exchanger at the current rate will calculate the amount to receive. Until the moment you create an application, the rate may change and the amount of receipt may differ from the one that you see initially. Pay attention also to the limits for the exchange.

3. Enter billing information in areas Privat Yandex money

Next, fill in all the required fields and check them for errors. As if the information is entered incorrectly, the exchange processing time will be increased in order to clarify the information. Also, the name and surname indicated in the application must match the data of the payer so that your exchange can be quickly identified.

4. Make a payment in UAH through privat24

The user must pay for the exchange from his Privat24 account to the card number specified on the page of the exchange transaction. When you make a payment to the card, you need to wait until the payment is displayed on the account of the exchange office and then the operator accepts your exchange for processing. If the data of the payer on the exchange does not coincide with the data in the application, you need to communicate this information to the operator.

5. Complete exchange Privat bank Yandex money

After payment of the exchange, you will receive a notification to the email address, which was indicated on the exchange page, that the application is considered completed.
These are all the actions that you need to take to receive payments on your Yandex money purse. Thus, you will save your time and commission on international payments. The user can make the exchange and exchange the ruble Yandex for the hryvnia.

Useful information on currencies


6. How to get Bitcoin for free through the affiliate program

In order for the user to have the opportunity to improve the conditions of exchange transactions and the rate up to 10%, the cryptocurrency exchanger satoshi.com.ua has developed a loyalty program.

Every registered user can play Bitcoin daily by the affiliate program of bitcoin faucet @Free_Satosh1_bot, in which you can play bonuses and supplement them with the main amount of exchange.satoshi.com.ua

How to get tokens BAT for free

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