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💵 Cryptocurrency exchange Ripple XRP - Advanced Cash USD wallet

If a user wants to exchange Ripple’s cryptocurrency for fiat funds, then he can find the most favorable rate of ripple to the Advacash dollar in the cryptocurrency exchanger. Moreover, the withdrawal of a coin through a crypto exchanger will make it possible not to overpay the commissions of the exchanges and make an exchange in a short time. In this manual, we consider the exchange of a Ripple xrp coin for a dollar into the Advanced Cash Payment System.

1. Create a request for exchange Rippl – Advacash

In order to create a request for the exchange of Rippl crypto-coins for a dollar in the Advanced Cash Payment System, you can sеlect the necessary currencies. At this stage, the user will also have access to information on the reserve and exchange rates.

2. Using the ripple rate for the Advacash dollar, calculate the exchange amount

In order to find out the amount that you receive in the process of payment, you must specify the number of Ripple coins. Thus, the online calculator at the current rate will display the dollar amount to receive the payment system to the electronic wallet. Specifying the amount to exchange the user should pay attention to the available reserve, which is available in the direction of the exchange.

3. Fill in the information on the Ripple – Advacash application

Before confirming the creation of an exchange request, the user needs to fill in all the required fields with information. Check carefully all the information, as in case of entering incorrect data this may lead to an increase in the processing time of the exchange. When the billing information and contact information is verified, create an exchange request.

4. Make a ripple exchange to pay for the application

In order to pay a request for an exchange, the user must make a transfer from his wallet, where the coin is stored, to the purse of the exchange office specified in the exchange request. You can use the tips on the page if you need them. When the payment is made, the user can wait for the processing of the exchange and payment of funds.

5. Получить выплату на Адвакеш кошелек

The final step in the exchange will be the exchange processing of the resource operator. When the dollar for the Advances system will be sent, the application will change the status to completed. Notification of what you will receive on the email address. After that you can use your funds. You can also make an exchange and buy Ripple for Advacash dollar.

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