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💵 Buy Bitcoin BTC - through Yandex Money purse RUB

Exchange Yandex for Bitcoin with the popularization of the work of cryptocurrency exchangers has ceased to be a challenge. Even a beginner will be able to replenish his cryptographic cards using the tips that he can find in this article. In this article you can find information about how to quickly buy Bitcoin for rubles using the Yandex.Money payment system.
This fast exchange process can be divided into several stages:

  1. Create Bitcoin exchange with Yandex.Money
  2. Bitcoin cost and payout amount calculation
  3. Filling details when buying bitcoins
  4. Payment at the request of the exchange of Yandex on btc
  5. Receipt of funds to btc wallet
  6. How to make money with affiliate programs

Now we will stop at each step in more detail:

Photo / FAQ how to buy Bitcoin for rubles Yandex

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the details and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay for the order
 buy btc for rubles
 calculation of the Bitcoin exchange rate in rubles
 Bitcoin exchange personal data
 Creation Bitcoin buy order
 pay for the exchange and buy btc

1. Create Bitcoin exchange with Yandex.Money

The first step is to specify the currency to exchange on the main page. Choose a bitcoin crypto-coin in exchange for a ruble from the Yandex payment system. When you do this, the system will automatically redirect you to the next page for the exchange. At this stage you can familiarize yourself with the reserve available for exchange.

2. Bitcoin cost and payout amount calculation

To understand how much money you will receive in the process of payment, it is necessary to make an exchange calculation. To do this, specify in the appropriate window how much rubles you want to exchange. Next, the exchanger calculator will calculate thebtc amountfor payment to the wallet. To increase the amount of the exchange payment, you can use the satoshi you have accumulated through the bitcoin faucet @Free_Satosh1_bot. To do this, you must log in to the exchange office and form the withdrawal of the gain from the telegram. Also, when entering this information, pay attention to the limits on the exchange.

3. Filling details when buying bitcoins

Continue creating an application to exchange Yandex for Bitcoin. For this you need to fill in some information. Specify the address of the wallet from which you will transfer the payment. Also provide the btc wallet address so the operator can pay. Next you will need to specify your name and contact phone number. The next step check all the information on the absence of errors in it. Incorrect data may lead to an increase in the processing time of the application.

4. Payment at the request of the exchange of Yandex on btc

When all data is entered and verified, you can proceed to the payment of the application. If you have not experienced these actions before, follow the instructions that you will see on the payment page. After you have paid, you need to wait until the operator sees the flow of funds to the Yandex.Money wallet.

5. Receipt of funds to btc wallet

After the operator sees that the funds have been received from you, the application will be processed and the Satoshi will be paid to your wallet. You will have to wait until the funds reach you via Bitcoin. The rate of transfer of funds will depend on the network load, because of this, the time of receipt of the coin may take some time. Also available for you is the reverse exchange direction, in which you can sell Bitcoin and get a ruble Yandex.

6. How to make money with affiliate programs

Registered users of the exchange service can earn bonuses and improve the terms of the exchange, simply using the bitcoin faucet @Free_Satosh1_bot.

Get acquainted with the affiliate program, participate in win-win lotteries daily, collect free bitcoins and improve the exchange rate up to

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