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💵 Buy Litecoin LTC - through Yandex Money purse RUB

Buy Lightcoin for Yandex Money has long ceased to be a problem. Now, to become its owner, the user does not need to wonder how to mine lightcoin. In order to replenish your wallet, it is enough to buy a coin in the exchange office for any currency you have. Below you can find a step-by-step exchange instruction.

  1. Formation of exchange to buy 1 litecoin for rubles
  2. Calculating exchange amounts using litecoin calculator
  3. Entering data to buy litecoin for Yandex money
  4. Payment transfer to Yandex wallet exchange office
  5. Pending payment ltc
  6. How to make money using Bitcoin faucets

Photo / FAQ how to buy Litecoin for Yandex money

1. Choose exchange direction2. Specify the requisites and the amount of exchange3. Specify contact details4. Check requisites5. Pay the application
exchange and purchase of litecoin cryptocurrency
buy litecoin for ruble Yandex
litecoin buy for a ruble with yandex wallet
exchange litecoins to rubles
top up litecoin wallet for ruble

1. Formation of exchange to buy 1 litecoin for rubles

On the site of the exchange office, sеlect the currency to exchange. Specifying them, pay attention to the reserve in these areas. Since you will not be able to make a transfer for an amount greater than that which is in reserve.

2. Calculating exchange amounts using litecoin calculator

After selecting the exchange directions, you will find yourself in the next stage of the exchange arrangement. To do this, you need to specify the amount of the ruble from the Yandex.Money system, which you will exchange. According to the current rate, you will receive a calculation of the amount of lightcoins that will be paid to your e-wallet.

3. Entering data to buy litecoin for Yandex money

On the same page, the user must enter the data necessary for processing the exchange. Carefully enter the information, because if it is specified incorrectly, this will lead to a longer exchange processing or loss of funds if the user specifies an incorrect cryptocurrency wallet.

4. Payment transfer to Yandex wallet exchange office

After checking all the data, you can create a request and proceed to its payment. If you have not previously experienced transfers in the Yandex payment system, use the tips on the exchange page. After your application is displayed on the wallet of the exchange office, the operator will take your application for processing. You can also sell a Lightcoin coin and get a ruble for it on the Yandex wallet.

5. Pending payment ltc

After performing all the above actions, you will have to wait for the payment of a crypto coin to the wallet. The rate of payment will depend on the network load, because of which the time of receipt of the transfer may vary. As you can see, exchanging with the help of an exchange office is a simple operation and does not take much time. You can also sell Lightcoy and buy Yandex.Money ruble.

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6. How to make money using Bitcoin faucets

In order for users to have the opportunity to receive additional income simply by making exchanges, the Bitcoin faucet affiliate program was developed @Free_Satosh1_bot.

Using the affiliate program users can daily play lotteries, collect coins and improve exchange conditions and rate up to 10%.satoshi.com.ua

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